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Date: 2001-05-05 02:20:00 UTC
Subject: [Ferret-Health-list]RE: A/D protein level
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Author wrote:
> The vet wants me to feed him 15cc of Hills AD 6X a day. I have to say I've
> read the ingredients and I'm not too impressed. The Marshalls kibble, or
> Nutro Max Cat canned kitten food has more crude protein and fat than Hills

You can't simply compare protein/fat levels stated on a canned food vs. a dry food. The water increases the volume and therefore the protein/fat levels seem lower than what you what. Ignore the moisture content (78%) and compare the "dry matter" levels and it's a whole different story.

Dr. Murray explains this a whole lot better than I can. Here's something he posted to the FHL when it was on YahooGroups regarding the protein levels of A/D...


Lets review the math on the A/D can food.
"As is" protein 8.5%, moisture content 78%.
On a "dry matter" basis 8.5 divided
by 22 = 38.6% protein on a dry matter basis.
(I think Dr Willard divided 8 by 25 to get his 32%)
This would be roughly equal to a 35% protein content
of a dry food with 10% moisture content. This is similiar
to most ferret and kitten foods.
The fat content on A/D is 5.25% "as is". Thus 5.25 divided by
22 = 24% fat on a dry matter basis. Again similiar to or slightly
higher than most ferret and kitten foods.
The Eukanuba recovery food "feline maximum calorie"
dry form contains 38% protein, 25% fat, and not more than
10% moisture. Again similiar to or higher than most ferret
and kitten foods. The can form contains an "as is" protein
of 14%, 12% fat, and a moisture content of 66%. The "dry
matter" protein would be 14 divived by 34 = 41% protein.
The dry matter fat would be 12 divived by 34 = 35% fat.
The protein would be similiar to or higher than most
protein levels in ferret or kitten foods. The fat level would be
higher than most ferret or kitten foods and would provide those
extra calories for recovery.
I do not feed, recommend, or have the numbers for any of the
Purina special diets.
Hope that clears up the confusion,
Jerry Murray, DVM "