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From: Christopher
Date: 2001-02-17 04:47:00 UTC
Subject: The Rules

In order to avoid some of the difficulties I've observed on other
lists, a few simple rules are in order.

1) Be kind to one another.

2) No flames! Disagree with an idea, but don't attack a person.

3) Personal issues are best handled in private email, keep it off
the list.

4) When questioning a particular course of treatment, or asking
about something your vet has suggested do not mention the vet or the
clinic by name, just the specifics of the treatment.

5) This list is the property of the moderators, anything posted to it
becomes the property of the list. We reserve the right to censor any
post for no reason at all. If you feel we are being unfair, let us
know off the list and we will address the issue. Ultimately, you have
the right to leave the list at anytime.

6) Be kind to one another.