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Date: 2001-03-09 18:03:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Right Adrenal Glands

There was a question about where is the right adrenal gland and
should it be taking out routinely even if it looks normal.
The right adrenal gland lies below the caudate lobe of the liver,
usually to the lateral side (right) of the vena cava, but it can be
on the
medial side (left), or it can be dorsal (below) to the vena cava.
Even a normal size gland is relatively easy to find. You just have
move the lobe of the liver out of the way and look thru the fat pad
around the vena cava. As it gets big it can be hard to take out,
so taking it out when it is small is a good thought. I have been
suggesting using Lupron if only one gland is removed to protect
and/or treat the remaining gland. The problem with taking both
glands completely out is the need to supplement hormones
(i.e., pred daily and/or percorten-V injections monthly). On my own
ferret after I removed his left adrenal gland about 1.5 years ago
(at the time of the surgery the right gland looked normal in size
and color) I started him on monthly Lupron. So far no problem
from his right gland.
Jerry Murray, DVM