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From: Ferrets Unlimited Ferret Shetler
Date: 2001-03-09 23:27:00 UTC
Subject: Doctors, your insight - Questions to ask when looking for a

Greeting Folks!!

Ok, we all get the question, how do I find a good vet? How can I tell? What do I ask?

One good quality I tell people to look for is if the Vet says they are learning and willing to talk to knowledgeable Vets, and read information you bring.

But how about some other questions to ask. I tell people to interview the vet, sometimes you have to make a basic visit appointment, but I would rather spend the office call charge and feel comfortable.

I want to compile a list of questions that I can put in my information booklets, so that people have some type of guide.

Once it is done, anyone who wants a copy is welcome to it?

Thank you to all the hard working Doctors that read this list and are willing to help. You will never know how much help you really are.

Ferrets Unlimited Ferret Shelter
Cleveland, Ohio