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From: Christopher
Date: 2001-02-23 19:42:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Wow did you see those pictures!

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., wolfysluv@a... wrote:

> at the site. I'm wondering if those were surgically removed?
> You guys gotta stop on in and look at the photos. If I take some
photos, how do I send them to the site? do I just send to the normal
addie, and attach it?

Hugz Wolfy!
For a limited time only! Anyone can send pictures they want to
contribute to my email address christopher@b... Please give
me a blurb about what is in the photo (which I may or may not edit)
and whether or not you desire credit for the photo if I post it to
the main page like I did with the ferretwise c-section. The reason
you can do this is because I am begging for pictures directly related
to ferret health or ferret medicine.

I would prefer however that you go to and click on FILES.
There is an option there to upload the file which will take you to a
browse button. Click browse and navigate to the file you want to
upload just like you do when attaching one to an email. If the option
to upload a file is missing.. click sign in on the top right, the
system doesn't know you are you yet, after you sign in you can

The advantage to doing it this way is that you can add a one line
description telling what the file is, and the rest of us can see who
posted the file. Not to mention, if 100 people all sent me 5 files
I'd be uploading for days.