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Date: 2001-03-09 22:21:00 UTC
Subject: Ulcers - temp or perm?

Hi all - my girl has been treated for ulcers over past two weeks
and is making a return trip to the vet for more meds tomorrow.

Question - how long????? Do ulcers ever heal up? Or is this a
permanent condition?

I haven't been able to figure that out yet, the only clue I've seen
far in my reasearch of the FML/FHL's archives is Dr. Williams'
recent comment that "kibble is not an appropriate diet for ferrets
with ulcers" and for some reason that made it sound like an
ongoing thing.

Also, is it normal for them to get better and worse over the
course of treatment like this? Poop is black, then brown, then
black again. Won't eat, will eat, won't eat again, etc.

One more question - there is always the possibility of a gigantic
flaming hairball in this girl's stomach since she had a double
adrenal surgery last November so she's always had a hair
eating problem. I've kept her pretty lubed to avoid a problem, and
since she also was diagnosed with insulinoma and had some
tumors scraped off her pancreas in that major November
surgery AND SHE'S ABOUT 5, I'm very leery of further surgery just
to go looking for a hairball. Comments?

Thanks for your input, Emily