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Date: 2001-02-23 19:46:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Skunks & Ferrets


Thanks for the name of these roundworms in raccoons, I was very
braindead and tired last night. But raccoons can, in deed, have some
dangerous consequences if you are not completely prepared to deal with
them. I try to stay away from them and farm them out to people that I
know that are more raccoon prepared with outside containments. I dont
have any containments left for them outside right now.

I do like the coatimundi, but he stays outside in a heated
containment. He can be a rowdy, but at least he was from a breeder,
but he, too, was a rescue. Would love to get him a girlfriend. LOL

Pockwockie Crossing
> That would be Baylisacaris (roundworm). It can be deadly to humans.
And, you are right about contamination. Housing and air kennels
that have
> been used by raccoons should never be used by any other animals. To
my understanding, the only way to totally destroy this parasite is by