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From: steve austin
Date: 2001-03-10 00:33:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Confused over lymphoma treatments

But, my thought is, if all three of these meds are practically
interchangeable, why wouldn't a person first opt for the shot of depo
every 4-6 weeks versus a daily or twice daily oral medication?? Then, if
the depo obviously isn't working, a switch to one of the others?

Also, I know none of these are cures. I simply want to do what's most
efficient and effective in treating lymphoma. And I'd also like to hear
from other vets what the differences between these glucocorticoids are
and the pros and cons to using them. Thanks!!

Kim Schilling

I am just answering in general, not for your little baby. I think Dr.
WIlliams explained it best, but I will try.
The injectable glucocorticoids are not as easy to adjust, or fine tune,
and if you need to take off the steroid for some reason, it will be
easier to do with the oral, you would have to wait days to weeks for the
longer acting ones to leave the system. I would bet there are other
reasons. It wasn't too long ago that they found that we didn't need to
give a shot to all those children with asthma attacks in the ER. That
the oral stuff took 2 hours to work, just like the shot, and as long as
they could tolerate oral meds, this was at lot less traumatic for the
child. Plus in children the shot stung like hell, and I hated to have to
give it.

Hope some of it helps.

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