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From: steve austin
Date: 2001-03-10 00:27:00 UTC
Subject: Re: another vaccine question

I just want some thoughts on lay people giving their pet vaccines. Now,
I know that with the chance of reactions in ferrets- I would not do this.
I know that shelters do, and are ready for an emergency, and have a vet
close by.
I have given my dogs and cats their vaccines, and have saved $80 on the
dogs combined by doing it, I still pay for the vet visit, stool check,
rabies vaccine, and bodetella, lymes vaccines- blood test for heartworm
every few years,etc. I want the vet exam, I would never take a chance
not going for the annual. It is the price of the combo vaccines.
The problem is that if I want to board, they won't accept the paperwork
from the vaccine, and my vet won't let me give it in front of them, or
verify that it was given.
Anyone have a solution? If I go to the low cost vaccine places, the
price isn't that much less, because I am really just saving the price of
the vet exam which I want.

O.K.- I saw that at the AFA show they would accept proof of the vaccine
as the paperwork that came with the vaccine, for those that vaccinated at
But, I have not seen boarding places, or vets that accept this.

I understand that the vets are not comfortable because they may not trust
where the vaccine is coming from, or how it is stored. I did assure them
that it is from a big company, overnight delivery, cold when arrives, and
I refrigerate immediately- but still I can see the problem. I would feel
the same way if a parent wanted to give their child the vaccines, and
have me sign a paper for school that the vaccine was given,

Anyone think I shouldn't give the vaccine? I would like to hear pros and

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