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Date: 2001-03-10 03:48:00 UTC
Subject: Veterinary Microbiology Resources

Please forgive me for my first post not being quite "on-topic"...

I am a first year biology major, and am currently studying
microbiology. While I find the class exceptionally interesting, it
is geared mostly towards pathogens of humans. Every class I seem to
be asking questions about microbiology relating to animals, and my
professor is up front in admitting that he doesn't know much about
veterinary microbiology beyond animal vectors, etc.

Could anybody here recommend a text as a good reference work in
veterinary microbiology? I will be continuing my own search, but I
would be very interested to know what veterinary professionals use as
a reference for this subject.

While I am asking, what journals are most commonly read by
veterinarians? (Assuming a small/companion animal practice, devoted
mostly to mammals)

Unfortunately, my local University does not have a veterinary school
(nor even any kind of "pre-vet" curriculum), so I am pursuing a
generic bachelor's degree in biology, and having to be a bit
creative in doing my own research on the topics that interest me

Thank you for any help!