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From: katharine
Date: 2001-03-10 07:44:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Renal Failure

Dr. Ruth wrote:
<It certainly is possible. Now of course without
seeing him, I can't tell you
for sure, but the biggest problem I see in renal
failure is definitely
dehydration. <

Of course. I use the information on this list as
a discussion point with my vet. I never say Dr.
XXX said you should do YYY. I will talk to Doc
next week about increasing his fluids if Champ
hasn't improved considerably. His skin turgor is
good, in my opinion, but I'm not the world's best
at telling mild dehydration. His run of meds is
through next Thursday so I should see some
improvement shortly if there is going to be any.
I will also be able to watch him closely this
weekend to see if he is eating any kibble at all.
As far as I know, he is only eating the soup I
feed him. I have been weighing him every few days
and his weight is maintaining (1350-1360g) and he
feels solid.

Oddly enough, I caught him and Lany playing in the
tubes a while ago. I suppose this is going to be
a good day.

Thank you, Dr. Ruth.