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From: Gary Holowicki
Date: 2001-03-10 07:01:00 UTC
Subject: Timmy's tonic now at

Note: This is not an advertisement, just an availability notice.

As an answer to the occasional post of wanting to find Timmy's at a
lower shipping cost than the usual Fedex, I'm happy to announce it's now
available at the Ferret Store. This is the direct link:

Or, if entering the front of the store at, go to "Pharmacy/supplements", then "Holistic
Treatments", and Timmy's tonic as well as the Red Clover combination are
available there. The price is on the site (I won't mention the price here
as it's not an "ad"), but it INCLUDES ground based free shipping (read as
s l o w shipping, though faster shipping is available at a surcharge).

They also have a lot of other neat ferret stuff, and I'm happy that
they are a stable company with caring people. They are also working with
less than their normal mark up, so in small quantities the cost is actually
less than thru me, due to the lower cost shipping they can use when time is
NOT of the essence.

Take care, be kind to one another, we're not here for that long:)

Gary & the gang of fur
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totally healed from "terminal lymphoma" without drugs or surgery. :)
Timmy's tonic now available at
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