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From: Alexis & Jason Thonen
Date: 2001-03-10 12:45:00 UTC
Subject: stubby-mucousy/bloody/green poop resolved

*smacks head!!!* *smacks head!!!* *smacks head!!!*

he didn't like the food we were feeding him.

we feed iams kitten and always have, and every single one of our ferrets has
always eaten it willingly and happily. no problems. (2 babies, 4 adults)
although we are well aware of the potential for ferrets to be picky, it
never even crossed our minds that it could be the cause in stubby's case.

when it finally hit me, I called his previous owner to ask what kind of food
they were feeding, and it was eukanuba. when given a bowl of eukanuba,
stubby dug in greedily, and has been pigging out since, as well as pooping
completely normal.

a week of force feeding and worrying and meds and and and he is picky! it's
too funny and relieving to be mad at myself!

thanks for all of your help,

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