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Date: 2001-03-10 19:07:00 UTC
Subject: Rinkydink not responding, MC

Hey All,

Quess I did not make myself clear. Rinkydink has been to the vet
often. Listed below are the exact dates. She is not responding to
the standard treatment for this disease. Her vet keeps prescribing
the same treatment over and over and it is not working. I am writing
to the vets on this board to deterimin if there is an alternative to
the treatment she has received so that I can direct my vet to look
into an alternative treatment. My vet is the best ferret vet within
a 100 mile radius, however we are in the boonies. Alternatively, I
do plan on taking Rinkydink to a differnt vet, much recommended as
ferret knowledgeable and gifted. This vet is 3.5 hours away.

Rinkydink came home on 9-9-99 as a 5 to 6 wk old kitt.

Vet vistits directly related to this disease since then

A break of several months
10-6-00 Hospitalized for a week
10-12-00 Surgery, biopsy and finaly a diagnosis!!
another long break until the ill fated distemper shot on 1-12-01
1-22 hospitalized again until 1-27-01
2-12-01 at which time she was sent home with a months worth of meds
which have been duly dispensed.

I can keep Rinkydink alive in this vein for quite a while. I am
trying to improve her quality of life as that is very low. She is
weak, she is nauseated, she is lethargic. She does not feel good.
Imagine having the stomach flu for 2 years.