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Date: 2001-02-24 03:38:00 UTC
Subject: Introduction

Hi, I'm Kevin from Connecticut, and I'm owned by Fifi Le Pieu Ferret,
a 2 year old MF female who has absolutely no interest in showing
affection or being held, but just absolutely LOVES to play and nap
inside my shirt.

Fifi is my third weaselbaby and my first female weaselkid. She's the
most vocal ferret I've ever met, and she attacks each play session as
if she's never been out of the cage before. Her predecessors were
Cody, a happy (yet not deaf) blaze who crossed the bridge at 5 after
a brief battle with a kidney stone (with complications from an
incompetent vet), and Floyd, an incredibly good natured black-eyed
white MF ferret who crossed the bridge at 9 after bravely fighting
heart disease for a year.

I just finished reading the archives, and this seems like a really
friendly and knowledgeable group, and I'm happy to be here!