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Date: 2001-03-10 15:38:00 UTC
Subject: Skin scrapings and questions was Re: [Ferret-Health-list]
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<< If he talks about Cushing's disease, or wants to do a skin scraping
on an animals with bilateral hair loss and a swollen vulva - well,
that is not a great sign....

LOL! I did see one adrenal ferret (as a second opinion) with concurrent
sarcoptic mange, just so you know. The owners looked at me a little funny
when I said I wanted to do a skin scraping, but luckily they'd heard that I
did know what I was talking about.

I guess from my point of view one of the things that I advise my clients who
are moving is to find out if the vet has ferrets of their own. It seems that
those of us who are as addicted to the little carpet sharks as our clients
are tend to keep up on things. And always find out if they are willing to
accept information from you regarding health topics. A lot of the time I see
clients who are really up to date on new developments. You guys know an
awful lot, it seems.

Dr. Ruth
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