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From: tansy
Date: 2001-03-10 19:56:00 UTC
Subject: RE: More on dehydration

> <Pull back and fill syringe with air as you must
> inject the same amount of air
> first into the Ringer's as you plan to pull out in
> fluid. <
> Are you saying to inject air into the bag? What
> is the reasoning behind this? I pull straight
> fluids into the syringe, no air involved in any
> way.
<tansy> replacing fluid with equal amount of air is standard medical
practice. If you don't you'll find it more difficult to draw out the fluids,
especially in vials vs. bags.

> <You can re-use the syringe but Must use a fresh
> and sterile needle!<
> I use a needle twice. By the third time, it is
> dulled and difficult to insert. The second time
> it goes in just fine. Sterility is not critical
> since you're just injecting under the skin, not
> into the bloodstream, or, at least that's how I
> understand it.
<tansy> You can, but I don't like to. Needles are cheap, and if it is
contaminated can cause infection. You definitely should NOT reuse the needle
if the fluids are spiked with dextrose, which can be a breeding ground for
bacteria because of the sugar. I generally use spiked fluids on my inslinoma