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Date: 2001-03-11 03:07:00 UTC
Subject: Nodule at vaccination site

My youngest ferret Otter (MF male, approx 17 weeks old) received
both his final (third) kit distemper vaccination (Fervac) and his
rabies vaccination (merial) on Wednesday, February 21 (almost two
weeks ago).

Tonight, my girlfriend brought to my attention a small (my guess is
approx. 1 cm diameter) "lump" under Otter's skin, and reminded me
that this was his vaccination site (base of the skull; injections
were given into the "scruff").

I remember reading somewhere about cats getting these lumps at
vaccination locations in rare cases; I unfortunately cannot remember
any other details.

Otter had no reactions (beyond a temporary lethargy, which I
consider a normal reaction) to any of the three distemper
vaccinations, or with the rabies vaccination. His behavior and
health seem perfectly normal and healthy (he's a holy terror <G>).

The veterinarian is my area's supposed "ferret expert", and I have
no reason to doubt this. I will be calling her in the morning, but
any ideas that can be offered here will be gratefully received.

Thank you.