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Date: 2001-03-11 07:42:00 UTC
Subject: More on dehydration

Hi one and all...I am new to the list and
just started reading the last seval days
and want to say it is excellent and am
enjoying greatly all the info....
To just touch briefly on the subqing...
I have to agree first hand that it is
something all fuzzie parents should
know how to do....I am blessed to
have had TWO wonderful teachers
here in Jax, Fla. and when my kids
came down with ECE last year and then
right on top of that my oldest fuzzie
Trouble had surgery for insulonima....
it was a must to know how...and it
did make a difference in their recovery..
Not to mention that on several occasions
they became dehydrated on the weekend
when I did not have ready access to my
vet!!! It they had to go until Monday it
could have been critical...I usually
subq by myself...just rub a big glob
of either nutrical or linetone on my
knee to keep the fuzzie busy...I also
taught mine to LOVE pedialyte and if
all else fails they will take readily from
syringe....Thanks again for such a
wonderful site!!! Look forward to
reading and posting more in the future.
Joyce and the fur faces