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From: kat parsons
Date: 2001-03-11 08:12:00 UTC
Subject: RE: dehydration... subQ alternatives

i am far from a vet...but i DO have a ferret who does not drink enough...

we have unflavored pedialyte on hand always...[since i give Pye fluids 3
or more times a day] vet said it was ok to just keep it in the

so we mix up, in a clean baby food jar, about 4 tsp. of pedialyte and fill
the jar almost all the way full with hot water [the cold pedialyte brings
this down to a 'warm' state...(Pye will not drink cold or room temp.
water)...sigh.]...and add a few drops of ferretone...put the top on and
shake the heck out of it to mix the ferretone all the way thru...[the
ferretone is so he will WANT to drink it]...then hold him in my arms and
give it to him with a 5cc eye dropper we got from Walmart from the

we do this 2-4 times a day...sometimes he will drink the whole
jar...[which holds 1/3 cup liquid]...sometimes he will only drink 1/2 of
it...therefore the variation in how often we do it...

i hope this helps has helped Pye...:)


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