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From: Alexis & Jason Thonen
Date: 2001-03-11 10:28:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] question about behavior- digging
at skin

> From: Betty <eikondes@c...>
>Subject: Re: Dominance
>Just my two cents worth here... Firstly, I think I have a household that
>is pretty close to Bob's, in which all my ferrets roam free 24/7
>allowing them to find and defend territories and make boundaries. I
>agree that the human factor plays a big part in where they set
>themselves up as a large portion of my group prefers to close to "home
>base"... the bedroom, the room the humans spend the most time in.

we have a business of 7 who are never caged. they are in their own room,
approx 6X7, with a 4 story cage available to them. they are free roam when
we are home and awake. while at work and asleep, they are in their room,
with the exception of one who is the baby of the house and sleeps in bed
with us. we started with 1 kit, added 2 adults, then 2 more adults, then
one adult died, then added 1 kit, then added 2 adults. all of them have
integrated in what I can only call perfect fashion.

we would like to go to all free range, but several of the boys have a habit
of crawling in bed and digging at any available skin. we think they must be
trying to wake us up to play with them. this is pretty much the only thing
holding us back from going all free range. does anyone have any suggestions
to deter this type of behavior? it's quite painful.

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