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From: Rosalie Yudelson
Date: 2001-02-18 08:09:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Laxatone Nightmares

On Sun, 18 Feb 2001 14:40:40 -0500,

I give up!!! To those of you who don't know me, I have the three best
fuzzies God ever made.

Angel - "Hey, what's a litter pan?"
Caf? - "Don't look at me, Angel did it!"
Chase - "There is no way you will ever get laxatone down me!!!"

We have tried coating it in olive oil. We have tried coating it in
ferretone. We have tried scruffing him to which he claws at his mouth and
runs across the room scooting on the side of his face. If I get it in him,
he gets it out. Angel will eat it, but doesn't seem to get a thrill out of
it. Caf? will actually barter toys to get the others doses.. loves the
stuff! And Chase won't touch it. I understand this clawing at the mouth is
nausea reaction. If it's making him do that I don't have the heart to
the issue any furthur.

Is it really necessary? Can I call off the laxatone war? Would love to
of other nightmares from ferrets who will not tolerate it. I don't think
tastes so bad. Is there an alternative to laxatone I could try?

Christopher & Crew

Hi Christopher- 2 suggestions- don't know if they will work, but, you could
try...If Chase likes Furovite, you might try mixing it w/ the laxatone and
trying to administer it that way, start w/ a 70/30 furovite mixture and work
up to a 70/30 Laxatone mix...or you may want to try flaxseed oil a few times
a week. I give it to my guys and
only give laxatone if one of them has gotten into some trouble,(last year my
boys stole a pacifier that my son threw onto the floor-enough said!) I hope
I helped!!!!!


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