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Date: 2001-03-11 05:35:00 UTC
Subject: IBD and change of diet

Hi FHLers!

I have a 4 year old gib(BJ). He's had unexplained Inflammatory Bowel
for almost a year now. The various protocols of Chloramphenicol,
Amoxi, Flagyl etc. did nothing to alleviated his diarrhea. He
always had a
good appetite though, until about two weeks ago. I noticed he looked
in on the sides of his abdomen and he felt lighter than he had. His
samples had gotten a lot smaller, so I figured he must have stopped
I took him to my vet. She offered to take him for a few days to
observe him
and give him supportive care if needed. He's a bugger to give a
pill to, so
she gave him a steroid injection. I called a couple of days later
and he was
ready to come home. She switched his food from TF and Eukanuba to
Kitten! Ugh! But guess what! His diarrhea is gone and he has
normal, though
rather large, bowel movements(all the extra fiber, I guess). His
samples have always been larger(diameter-wise) than my other
ferrets, though.
I don't know why that is...he is not descented, so perhaps that may
be part
of it. My others are all pet store ferrets so they are all
Anyway, my vet said that some ferrets can simply not handle the
richer ferret
and cat foods. I started mixing in some Science Diet for Sensitive
to increase the meat protein and his ravenous appetite is back. He
grinds his teeth though, so I've been giving him Carafate three
times a day.
Doesn't seem to be decreasing the grinding, though.
My other ferrets keep sneaking into his cage now to steal the crappy
Delinquent kids! You try to provide them with the very best and
they would
rather eat the junk food!


Dodie and the Sensational Six of South Jersey