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From: Glenn Johnson
Date: 2001-03-11 11:29:00 UTC
Subject: Dr Williams/ Chuki comments

Dr. Williams,

Many thanks re your comments about Chuki, the geriatric
ferret. We shall do as you suggest. For the other members, a
short story......some years ago, when Chuki was a young
non-stop fireball, I had a CBC done for reference. It came
back with a few things a little high or low and for my own
peace of mind, I made a telephone call for outside help. The
call was returned the following day and a gentleman sat
patiently while I read off values. He then told me I had a
normal, healthy ferret and to stop worrying. The gentleman was
Dr. Bruce Williams. I never forgot that. Nor do I forget Dr.
Jerry Murray and Dr Karen Purcell, both of whom have helped me
numerous times. For those of us living in the "sticks", you
are indeed a blessing. Seeing you regularly on this board is

Glenn and Chuki