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From: Kymberlie Barone
Date: 2001-03-11 13:29:00 UTC
Subject: Another Fluids Question

Hi all, my first post here...this list is great.

I give my own sub q fluids here myself. I have a fluid pack here now
(Ringer's) that is still good by the expiration date, but I see that there's
"stuff" floating around in it - like a thin, almost transparent, filmy like
substance. I'm planning to just discard and pick up a new bag of it rather
than use it. Can anyone tell me what the "stuff" is and if it is necessary
to discard the bag of it? How reliable is the expiration date on the bag?

Also, is there any way for me to get lactated Ringer's without going to my
vet? It's not a big deal to get it from her, but she's about 40 minutes away
from me and I'd prefer to order it online or something. But I think I tried
once and discovered it could only be purchased with a prescription.

Thanks for any help!

Kymberlie Barone
Director, Pennsylvania Ferret Rescue Association of Montgomery County