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From: Alexis & Jason Thonen
Date: 2001-03-11 13:56:00 UTC
Subject: cigarette filter

I suspect my solomon may have eaten at least a cigarette filter, as well as
possibly more than that. I gave him (and all the others) laxatone as soon
as I found out. I have been monitoring closly. it's been 4 hours since
first notice. (not sure when he actually chewed on them) he just pooped
and it was somewhat loose and seedy, with a small bit of mucus. it looks
like pretty normal poop 4 hours after a big dose of laxatone. after he
pooped I gave him another dose. he went to his food and sniffed but did not
take any, then went back to bed.

will an xray or palpation show positively that he did eat it, or will we
have to open him up to find out for sure?

if he did eat it, is there any chance of his being able to pass it himself
or will he have to have surgery?

I don't think he ingested any actual tobacco, but if he did, how much can he
tolerate before getting sick?

a worried fuzzy mom
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