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Date: 2001-03-11 09:12:00 UTC
Subject: (no subject)

Hi DR. Williams,

Bandit is still struggling with what I believe is ECE-and although he is more
energetic and will eat if lap fed his poops are still very seedy. He
continues to chew at the air during feedings and eats very little
kibble-looks hungry but when he finds it, starts and stops. I know you said
to avoid the kibble, but when I'm not home during the day I want him to have
access to food-so to take it easier on his system I'm adding water to it. I
continue the babyfood (3-4) feedings a day and more on the weekends. After
reading several posts, I have to wonder if something else could be going on
with Bandit as well...His urine is never concentrated always very diluted,
seems thirsty a lot and has a lack of appetite. Could this be indicative of
renal failure (kidney problems)-if I have the vet run some bloodwork what
should I be looking for???

Also I was looking on line for some calorie supplements for Bandit in
addition to the babyfood and I found some products that I thought might be
helpful to him. Could you please comment.

Swamp Root
From Oakhurst
Product Details:
Promotes the flow of urine; aiding the kidneys in eliminating waste matter.
Prepared from roots, field herbs, medicinal oils & balsams and veg.
substances. Contains no harsh chemicals, & does not create a desire or habit
for opiates or stimulants.

Omegaderm 3
From NutriTech
Product Details:
Dietary supplement for the correction of dry flaking skin, dry brittle hair,
dull hair coat, and scratching due to dry skin in dogs and cats. Useful while
treating for ringworm. If fed as directed, Omegaderm-3 provides 100percent of
the daily minimum requirement of fatty acids your pet needs. Contains 10mg
Zinc and 56mg Omega3.

Adult dogs need 1 tsp/20# BW daily. Feed puppies, pregnant or nursing mothers
1 tsp/10# BW daily. Cats & kittens need 1/4 tsp per 2# BW daily. Mix into
food or feed directly.

From Prozyme Products Ltd
Product Details:
All natural enzymatic food supplement. Has digestive enzymes that are needed
for greater absorption of all those important nutrients in foods. Combines 4
highly concentrated plant derived enzymes to enhance any therapy your horse
is currently receiving. Beneficial for young & old, unthrifty, skin diseases,
excessive shedding, dry, flaky skin, brittle or rough/prickly haircoat, thin
haircoat, joint problems, immune & digestive disorders, bloat, & flatulence.
Some other enzyme products on the market are derived from animal sources or
have added vitamins which are not necessary if animals are on a good basic