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From: Kevin
Date: 2001-03-11 15:06:00 UTC
Subject: 14 w/o male ferret with nasal noises

Sampson is a 14 w/o male ferret that developed some crackling noises
shortly after bringing him home. He is a Petco MF ferret. He is a
pretty BIG boy at 1.5 lbs already. He is eating and drinking just
fine with no signs of dehydration.

He saw his vet last week on 3/3. It is URI, but not involving the
lungs...they are clear. Was advised to use a decongestant (FerretRx
Upper Respiratory Remedy - no alcohol), TMS liquid (as a precaution),
and to let it run its course. He does seem to have improved somewhat
and he isn't making the crackling noises as often, but it is off and
on. No noises while sleeping, just whil out at play or while holding
him. Sounds like his po little nose is just as stuffy as can be.
After his treatments, BID, he may hack like he is getting rid of PND.

I keep him isolated from the rest of my business of 11 and none of
the other fuzzies show any signs of illness. Does any one have
suggestions, recommendation, ideas for other treatment, tests, or
whatever to help this little guy get over this stuff?