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From: Mildred Moore
Date: 2001-02-24 12:30:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] AutoImmune Disease in my ferret


Thanks for the info. It looks like we are on the right track, now I just
need to know how much she can handle of the pred. Basically, we are holding
down on the new sores, and the old scabbed over ones are itching her. Makes
me hope that they are healing.

And yes, I forgot to mention that most of all her pads on her paws are


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I thought the above sounded familiar: I've included an excerpt from the May
1996 NFWS Newsletter.

Please note Wally's condition wasn't diagnosed until it was too late :-(

Need steroids...


Symptoms: Scabby back paws, lethargy, well licked front paws. Initially
put on Synulox - no improvement after 5 days so back to vet and changed to
Antirobe which resulted in projectile vomiting and diarrhoea. Told to
At this point steroids were mentioned as the passing of mucous via bowels
suggested colitis NOT USUAL IN OLDER FERRETS. (It was felt steroids might
have added to his problems!)
Then developed abscess in lower jaw. Back in for vet to examine. Still
puzzled. Wally eating but very weak and very thin now. On white meat diet
with water.
Small sores breaking out all over his body. Drying and then others showing.
Second vet wondered if cause could be "Cowpox" - no cure. Euthanasia
recommended and samples for post mortem.

P.M. revealed possible Pemhigus as cause of illness. (disease of autoimmune
system and not well documented in ferrets). Can be treated with steroids is
diagnosed quickly - in Wally case it was too late.

Wally had been suffering from illness for several weeks. Eating a little
and sleeping nearly all the time.

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