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From: Sheila Crompton
Date: 2001-02-24 14:08:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] AutoImmune Disease in my ferret

From: "Mildred Moore" <ferretmom@m...>

> Sheila,
> Thanks for the info. It looks like we are on the right track, now I just
> need to know how much she can handle of the pred. Basically, we are
> down on the new sores, and the old scabbed over ones are itching her.
> me hope that they are healing.
> And yes, I forgot to mention that most of all her pads on her paws are
> calloused.

I hope she makes it OK - at least you know what it is... she should stand a
better chance than poor Wally.

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