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From: Bruce Williams, DVM
Date: 2001-03-11 23:53:00 UTC
Subject: Re: steroid use in ferrets

> sorry to be so long winded, but with the above scenario in mind, it
> is
> easy to stop an oral medication if an undesirable reaction occurs.
> is not possible to take back an injection once it is given.

Amen. The same goes with injectable anesthetics (although some of
those are reversible.)

The only reason that I have used injectable prednisone over the years
is when I was worried about owner compliance. What you say is an
absolute - if you give several week's dose of medication by
injection, and there is a reaction, you don't have the option of
stopping it - you've got to ride out the reaction or pack it in.

Regarding Charlie's tragedy: hypercortisolism is very uncommon in
ferrets. Less than 25% of adrenal patients show elevated levels of
cortisol, and in most of those, it is borderline. Based on the fact
that Charlie had been on injectable pred, it is not unusual, that a
cortisol take in the peri-mortem period would be elevated.

This is, as you surmised, a very unique case.

With kindest regards,

Bruce H. Williams, DVM, DACVP
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