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From: Edward Lipinski
Date: 2001-03-12 01:12:00 UTC
Subject: One trigger for tax cut and three triggers for estral

On the subject of ending estrus, consider the following:

The three triggers for ovulation in an estral ferret (in the
second stage of estrus - as typified by the secretion of
copius drops of clear, colorless, odorless fluid at the vulvar
lip junction - ) are these, as were related to me by my local,
expert ferret veterinarian:

Trigger 1.) Stimulation of the nerve complex in the neck of
the female - as done by the male in his toothed mating grip on
a mouthful of the female's neck skin - a form of scruffing
that can immobilize the female.

Trigger 2.) Vaginal distension thru intromission of the penis
(and possible 'latching' just inside the neck of the uterus at
the cervix).

Trigger 3.) Depostion of ejaculatory fluid (thru the cervex
and possibly directly into the uterus).

Triggers 1.) and 2.) have been attempted repeatedly by vets
(and vet students) at aWashington University and results have
been unsatisfactory in 100 percent ending the female's estrus.
This was done by intromission of a glass rod carefully shaped
in the form of a ferret's penis and the simultaneous vigorous
stimulation of the ferret's neck skin, using large alligator
electrical clips.

The conclusion then was that since no fluidic deposit
occurred, the necessary third trigger was missing. If correct
this suggests that cessation of estrus is not merely physical
but also biochemical. Simplicity NOT.

On personal observations I have noted that withdrawal of the
male is not an easy task for either the male or the female.
Both copulating ferrets pull oppositely at the conclusion of
mating (up to an hour in mating duration) and oftimes a rather
sudden separation occurs, as like the pulling of a cork from a
bottle. One may conclude from this separation behavior that
some form of internal 'locking' of the genetalia occurs.

If 'locking' occurs, then the mating ferrets are very
vulnerable to predation (were they still wild). This instinct
to avoid pedation at a time of supreme vulnerability may be
observed in the fact that before actual coitus takes place,
the male ferret is very, very choosey in selecting a hidden
place to copulate. He will drag the totally limp female
(essentially scruffed) from place to place before he has
selected a place that is 'safe' and is satisfied that his
activities will be hidden from view for the next hour or so.

Would that this conclusion could be proven, it would give some
credit to the supposition that since the distal end of the
penis is articulated - for a specific purpose (?) - the end of
the penis is 'latched' into the mouth of the uterus, perhaps
to ensure that this method of internal fertilization is one of
the most efficient means of fertilization in the mammalian
world, even moreso than human fertilization method whereat
ejaculatory material is deposited external of the uterus.

One may conclude also that since the non-neutered male ferret
is up to three times larger in oveall body size compared to
his mating female (sexual dimorphism), that his penis is
certainly of greater length than the vaginal vestibule of the
one third sized smaller female. Obviously one may conclude
also that vaginal stretching may occur lengthwise to
accommodate the male, but at the same time does the distal
penis engage the cervix and open it to the extent that 'penile
latching' into the uterus occurs? Could this be the reason
why the penis is articulated? Does 'Direct Deposit' occur as
suggested above? God only knows.

Edward Lipinski
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On Thu, 08 Mar 2001 16:45:41 -0800 swamp <>
At 03:57 PM 3/8/2001 +0000, Chris wrote:

Ovulation in the jill is indeed induced by the rough
treatment of the hob. as it was too common in the UK years
ago for people to take the jill out of season by using a
pair of pliers on a jills neck for 5 to 10 minutes,
penetration is not needed. Sorry been there and seen it
done and it works. Chris

Interesting. I've heard of people using everything from
rectal thermometers to swizzle sticks but the pliers is a
new one. I was under the impression it was stimulation of
the cervix that induced ovulation but have never bred
ferrets. In any case, I'm assuming this practice has been
abandoned for more contemporary ones, such as vasectomized
hobs or hormone shots...?