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From: Vicki Rummel
Date: 2001-02-24 14:45:00 UTC
Subject: apocrin adenocarcinoma

My ferret, Smokey just had surgery on monday for a tumor around his
anus. The biopsy results showed it was apocrin adenocarcinoma. Our
vet said the prognosis is poor and that he may only have a couple of
months left. He expects the tumor to grow again and that Smokey would
not be able to have a BM. We feel so helpless. Dr. Weiss just did
insulinoma/left adrenal surgery on Dec. 29th and our regular vet did
this surgery. My work schedule would not allow a 1 1/2 hour trip to
Dr. Weiss'. Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions? I need help! Some
people have suggested Essiac and someone suggested Timmy's Tonic, Red
Clover Formula, pycnogenal capsules and Pau D'arco. I will try
anything. Thanks so much for your help!