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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-03-12 13:11:00 UTC
Subject: something which is to not be included in posts or

The posting or signature inclusion of whether any shelter or club has
or does not have non-profit status or tax exempt status is not the
moderators' chore to verify, but it is something which could result
in members being hurt if a false claim is made. Therefore, no one is
to include such statements anywhere on the Ferret Mailing List in the

This is a topic which has been discussed by the moderators.

If people want to find out who fits these categories then that person
can receive the Save Our Shelters lists through the FML to see who
claims to have such status, and then take measures to verify -- such
as sending an SASE to the shelter for proof or contacting the federal
authorities to uncover any false claims.

Repeats of such inclusions will result in disciplinary actions. Do
not in the future include any mention of non-profit status or
tax-exempt status.