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From: Betty
Date: 2001-03-12 13:10:00 UTC
Subject: Re: question about behavior- digging at skin


My personal feeling is that you should accept this digging behaviour as
a natural part of being a ferret, as is digging at carpet and in the
plants. I have many ferrets that dig at my legs and I agree it is
painful but I allow it only because by trying to get them to stop, they
then refuse to sleep with me. I look at it as a way of them accepting me
as one of their own. It seems like it has something to do with bed
making preparations and that some ferrets tend to pull at other ferrets
when they are bedding down, in attempts to get a good position to sleep.
I look at it as an endearing aspect of their behaviour rather than a
negative one. Try wearing pants to bed! That's what I do!

hope this helps,

Betty and Her Blur O'Fur
For the love of ferrets...

alexis wrote:
>we would like to go to all free range, but several of the boys have a
>of crawling in bed and digging at any available skin. we think they
must be
>trying to wake us up to play with them. this is pretty much the only
>holding us back from going all free range. does anyone have any
>to deter this type of behavior? it's quite painful.