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From: bill and diane killian - zen and the art of ferrets
Date: 2001-03-12 12:48:00 UTC
Subject: Re: ECE can be eliminated forever! Wishful thinking or a

>From: "Bruce Williams, DVM" <williams@e...>
>Subject: Re: ECE can be eliminated forever! Wishful thinking or a fact?

>A very plausible theory which might explain the increased severity of
>coronavirus infections in older animals, and the rather inapparent
>lesions seen in kits is the fact that coronviruses appear to have
>trouble establising infection in a low pH environment.

Based on our experiences and that of others, would there be a reason
to think that cooler temperatures and/or better air circulation might
affect infection rate of ferrets? Either directly or through somehow
affecting something such as pH that might more directly affect this.

We believe that infected ferrets did enter our home and had raging
cases that cleared up quickly while no other ferrets that were already
in our home became infected. We'd rather not state the source of those
infected ferrets on the list but will share with you off list if you
want confirmation that that source was indeed noted as having ECE

Diane and I are both long experienced with ferrets and have developed
friendships with several veterinarians both for our ferrets and our
numerous other critters ranging up to llamas.

We are loathe to let our anecdotal experiences though be interpreted
as truth. What seems to have worked for us might well have been
circumstantial. Some other factor might have been what helped our
ferrets rather than some magical medicine or treatment we tried.We would
never package up our treatments and sell them nor assure folks that we
know exactly what will help their ferrets. About all we are willing to do
is recommend things that ferret owners should talk to their vets about.

My grandfather was a veterinarian in Saint Louis even being on call
to the zoo (run by Marlon Perkins at that time) but I don't feel
that I can make any special claims to veterinary skills even after
having many vets tell us both how well we do. But it won't be long before
our daughter has much more experience with animals than us. She's making
it her profession.

Bill Killian
bill and diane killian
zen and the art of ferrets