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From: K. Crassi
Date: 2001-03-12 18:17:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Another Fluids Question

><< I give my own sub q fluids here myself. I have a fluid pack here now
> (Ringer's) that is still good by the expiration date, but I see that there's
> "stuff" floating around in it - like a thin, almost transparent, filmy like
> substance. >>
>Hi - Yes, you have a contaminated bag. Discard it. I don't know if any of
>the supply houses we have access to sell Lactated Ringer's - perhaps someone
>else might have a source. Never looked - but my vet is not 40 miles away!
>Best regards, Meg

And not only should you not use the bag, but before you do, call either the
supplier or the manufacturer, and report the suspected contamination. If
the bag has not been compromised in any way (punctured or opened), they
will probably want to know about it. There should be a lot or batch or
control number on the bag as well, and they will want that number. You
want to do this so they can check their records and see if any other
complaints about contaminations on that particular lot have been logged.

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