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Date: 2001-03-12 18:51:00 UTC
Subject: RE: vaccine reactions

Hi to all! TO M.JO
We have 6 fuzzies now...and have been
getting vaccines for 5 years...We have
always made a point of getting the
distemper vac and then three weeks
later having the rabies done...We also
had never had a reaction but exercised
the normal precautions of remaining
at the vets for about an hour...this year
HOWEVER...we got hit HARD...out
of the 6 we had three bad reactions..
one life threatening with our BEAR..
Thank God it happened within 30 min
of the shots....the first 2 responded
well to just one shot and placed on
oxygen for a short while ...however
BEAR was critical...(at that time we
did not know he also has heart
condition) He turned BRIGHT RED!
It took 5 shots and hours on oxygen
d then Dr. xxxxx had to take him home
with him for that nite just in case any
further problems happened...Fortunately
they did not...From all I have been able
to get from friends with fuzzies it seems
that at least in my group the olderthe
ferrets the more likely they react...
Of course I have nothing to base this
on other than my own experience and
that of friends. The general rule of thumb
that I had been taught was to give the
distemper and wait several weeks before
doing the rabies OR if this is not possible
give the distemper FIRST and wait a min
of 4 hours at your vets and then give the
rabies shot...So glad to hear that your
wee one is doing ok!
For the fuzzies
Joyce and the fur faces