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From: Bil & Tracey Greene
Date: 2001-03-12 20:24:00 UTC
Subject: re: Revolution

We've been using Revolution at our clinic for a while now, and have had
success treating ear mites in cats without any adverse effects, used it on
a stray kitten I picked up from our clinic myself last summer and it got
rid of her earmites with 2 treatments (didn't see any after one treatment,
but treated again to be sure). I got a dose for off-label use for ferrets
from another vet on the FML, and have used it on my ferrets a few times and
no adverse effects. Generally I just use a Pet-tinic/Ivermectin mixture
monthly for heartworm treatment now as it's cheaper, but if I ever get a
flea or earmite problem I would probably use some Revolution again.

Just my .02 on the issue!

Tracey and the Alabama fuzzbutt crew