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From: Carla Christman
Date: 2001-03-12 21:15:00 UTC
Subject: Revolutiom

I like using the revolution. Fleas, heartworms,
possibly roundworms and hookworms, maybe ticks and
earmites - WOW!. I usually don't use it for earmites,
but for fleas and heartworm. I have been using it in
my own four as well as prescribing it for clients. I
have not seen a reaction and the one that I did read
about did not appear to be attributable to the
revolution. Reacting 10-14 days later? No product in
the ivermectin family would take that long to cause

Just my two cents, but I like it. The only problem
with it is the cost.

Dr. Carla Christman
Deerfield, WI

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