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From: swamp
Date: 2001-03-12 22:25:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] re:vaccine reactions-need info

To take things a step further, I'd say that sometimes animals sense their
owners' distress and become stressed themselves. Pure conjecture of course,
but one of the reasons I'm not in the pretreatment camp. Just the mention
of benadryl or epinephrine is enough to send some folks into a panic, and
once that sets in the DVM has an extra patient in human form. My vet lines
up 2,3,4 syringes on the sink counter and my guys are done in a small scale
"assembly line" fashion, one right after the other. I don't think they've
ever noticed they've been jabbed, and neither my vet or I are about to tell.


At 08:42 PM 3/12/2001 -0500, the Killians wrote:
>Um... I have a feeling we have to understand what he means by "assembly
>line fashion". We do our own vaccinations and we have thankfully not even
>had a ferret act in any way like there was a reaction. We do much more of
>an assembly line than could even be done in an informal clinic.
>I do not at all disagree with the hypothesis that stress does have
>somethiung to do with reactions in ferrets. Both Diane and I have stated
>numerous times that we believe there is such a connection.
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>Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] re:vaccine reactions-need info
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> > > I need some information about reactions to vaccinations. Yesterday
> > > we held a ferret vaccination clinic where we had a lot of ferrets
> > > vaccinated.
> >
> > In his recent book "Ferret Husbandry, Medicine and Surgery", Dr. John
> > Lewington states that ferrets should never be vaccinated in an
> > "assembly line" fashion. (In fact, he mentions this more than once,
> > and is quite adamant about it.) He seems to feel that this kind of
> > setting is too stressful and conducive to reactions.
> >
> > Brett
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