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Date: 2001-03-12 17:35:00 UTC
Subject: New Ferret/Keizo

OK gang, so ferret math starts now. I got a new ferret yesterday,
was not
planning on it, yet a little birdie, (my parents) told me that their
was a
ferret found in a newspaper add. I called the number and he was at
the Humane
Society scheduled to be put to sleep Monday, today. So I rushed
there and got
him. He had been there since March 5th.
He is an adult dark sable, and a real handsome guy. MF, as he has
tattoos on
his right ear, and he has been neutered. He is a real sweetheart,
and was in
pretty good condition when I got him, no diarrhea, nice coat, not
very thin,
kind of but we will work on this which will probably be no problem
since he
is eating like a horse! And drinking plenty of water. I believe he
may be
older maybe 4 or so. He adapted to my other 3 VERY well, just like
they have
been pals for years.
Now my questions are going to start.
1~He refuses anything but cat food, no treats, nothing, how do I
change his
2~He is acting somewhat depressed. Can he maybe be missing his other
A~What can I do to relieve this,
B~How can I tell if it is depression, or just tired.
3~Can anyone give me some pointers, I have never "rescued" a ferret,
it is
hard, and I just am so curious as to what kind of life he has had in
past. Is their any behavior specific I should be looking for?
I am taking him to the vet on Wednesday, but I have stated at FOB I
really do
not care for my vet here, so I am hoping with this new kid I will
also get a
new vet.
4~Should I get him all shots, since I do not know what shots he has?

Thanks to all,
Heres a pic....I named him Keizo.
Kris & the Fabulous 4

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