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From: steve austin
Date: 2001-03-12 23:06:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] New Ferret/Keizo

1~He refuses anything but cat food, no treats, nothing, how do
I change his
2~He is acting somewhat depressed. Can he maybe be missing his
other family?
A~What can I do to relieve this,
B~How can I tell if it is depression, or just tired.
3~Can anyone give me some pointers, I have never "rescued" a
ferret, it is
hard, and I just am so curious as to what kind of life he has
had in the
past. Is their any behavior specific I should be looking for?
I am taking him to the vet on Wednesday, but I have stated at
FOB I really do
not care for my vet here, so I am hoping with this new kid I
will also get a
new vet.
4~Should I get him all shots, since I do not know what shots
he has?
Thanks to all,
Heres a pic....I named him Keizo.
Kris & the Fabulous 4

I usually quarantine the new one at least 2 weeks, two
reasons. First is I need to make sure is vaccinated well, and
look for signs of ECE, or diarrhea like from coccidia-
wouldn't want that in with my crew.
I get them the distemper and rabies, and go back in 2-3weeks
for distemper booster.

I found it takes a week or so to see how the ferret is, need
to get used to me,and start to feel comfortable to play,e
xplore,etc. It is also easy to tell more about them in their
own cage so can monitor food and poop.

I just threw the food I mix into the bowl and all 8 I took in
over the last year just ate it, luck I guess. However, I do
mix 4 different kibbles, 3 ferret, and one is a cat food. SO,
I guess they may have picked out what they were used to. One
doesn't like ferretone, or ferretvite- may not really be a
ferret. LOL She does love a little meat baby food warmed up
as a treat.

If he does like ferretone, put a little on the food you want
to switch to and mix it into the cat food all together.
Slowly decrease cat and increase ferret.
Anyway, maybe the cat is o.k.( I know I know), but if that is
all he'll eat start there, and try to mix in the other.

Just curious, he has a narrower face, looks a lot like one I
took in, this ferret has a real plush fur, and a narrow face,
and I don't think is a MF- I have to check and see if any
tattoos. I am also wondering where they came from,a nd what
there life was before.