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Date: 2001-03-12 23:26:00 UTC
Subject: I need some help here with IBD

My Hansel we thought had ulcers.Was on meds for about 2 weeks with no
improvemet so off we went to the vets again.Poor baby has lost so
much weight.And after 2 days of tests & x-rays we or vet rather said
This i my first time to deal wit it & it's not ging good.Hansel is
on Albon once a da,Metrondazole 1/8 tab once a day,Prednisone 2 x's
day,& Meimucle 3 times a day at 2 cc's,& Lixotinic .2 cc's 2x's
day.I'm feeding him Gerber chicken food every 3 hours as he's stopped
eating on his own.And just a few minutes ago when I fed him he
started pawing his mouth.We'll be at the vets again in the am but I
wanted some output here from those that have dealt with it.DR
Williams?Please help m to hep this young boy.He's such a sweeti.He's
the one I posted about his human giving him up &he misses is boy to
follow everywhere.He's only 14 mth old.