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From: steve austin
Date: 2001-03-13 00:59:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] I need some help here with IBD

.<...........eating on his own.And just a few minutes ago when I fed him
<started pawing his mouth.We'll be at the vets again in the am but I
<wanted some output here from those that have dealt with it.DR
<Williams?Please help m to hep this young boy.He's such a sweeti.He's
<the one I posted about his human giving him up &he misses is boy to
<follow everywhere.He's only 14 mth old.

I had a ferret that started with some loose stools and vomiting, he would
paw at his mouth, rub his face in the litter, or over the carpet, and gag
everytime a drop of water was in his mouth. He was dehydrated in 24
hours, and after some IV came around. The vet was thinking ECE, since it
had been in my house before, I figure as good a diagnosis as any. He
slowly came around, and for 6 weeks lost a lot of weight and looked
emanciated. He then started to eat better and play, and is much better.
I think the pawing lasted a few weeks, and the loose stools a month. His
treatment was just supportive care, bland diet, and TLC- I did give him
Pepcid AC (but after seeing the posts about this would not do it again if
ECE was the cause, and consider Carafate or something else for the
stomach). I was wondering if Hansel started similar and couldn't have
had ECE with the wasting and nausea now? The other odd thing my ferret
did was odd drinking behavior- wanted only out of my cup- if he could
knock it over and lap it up, then the bowl only, and saw him drink his
urine- I wonder if that was from the mild dehydration, nausea or combo??
He doesn't do any of that now.
Since Hansel is on so many different meds I am assuming he is having
diarrhea as the most significant symptom.

Of course if a biopsy and other studies were done to diagnose the IBD-
disregard the above.

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