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From: Christopher
Date: 2001-02-18 08:35:00 UTC
Subject: Go to the polls

If you visit us on site, please take a minute to go to the polls.

We don't have enough responses on the ADV TESTING poll yet to
establish a trend. But it is interesting to note 44% of us have never
tested. 44% of us tested our ferrets once. 11% of us test yearly.
This poll is anonymous.

On the how many ferrets in your home poll. Again the responses are
low and don't yet establish a trend, but. 10% of us have 1 or 2. 40%
are in the 3 to 5 range. 30% in the 6 to 10. 10% in the 11 to 15 and
10% over the 20 ferret mark. This poll is not anonymous and I'm
booking reservations to go play in every home or shelter that comes
in over 20 ferrets.

I have hopes of using this feature to gather statistical information
once we are up and running. Would be interesting to know how many of
us had contact with ADV in the past year. How many of us underwent
surgery with positive or negative result. Chemo? If you have a
suggestion for a poll topic let me know.

Christopher & crew