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From: Shirley Hewett
Date: 2001-03-13 00:41:00 UTC
Subject: Revolution

I have been using Revolution on my 12 ferrets, plus boarders
and rescues, for almost 12 months now with no ill effects and
no sign of any fleas or ear-mites. I can't comment on whether
or not it is effective against heartworm because I guess I
would only know that on a post mortem. Sarcoptic mange is not
a problem in Western Australia and is seldom seen and when it
is, quickly cured. (It is endemic in the Eastern States,
however, and I would be interested to know if any Eastern
Staters, who may be on this list, find it works for them.)
I use the large dog package and my big boys are given 0.25mL
between the shoulder blades and my little girls are given
Now if I could only find something to make their toenails grow
Love & Dooks