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From: Shirley Hewett
Date: 2001-03-13 01:19:00 UTC
Subject: Assembly Line Vaccinations

Hi Brett,
I would have to disagree with Dr Lewington's view that
"assembly line" vaccinations are stressful to ferrets. I think
that if a ferret can stay in a queue with its owner(s), get a
quick jab and then be put back in its owners arms, where does
stress enter into the picture? My own ferrets as well as
hundreds of others join in on the Vaccination Days here in
Perth and they actually enjoy the outing where they get to
meet other ferrets (or not, depending on their nature), be
admired by ferret fanatics and get a special treat for being
so "brave".
The important thing, IMHO, is the quality of the vaccine and
how it has been handled prior to administration. I know that
their has NEVER been an adverse reaction to ANY ferret
receiving a vaccination at our Vaccination Days spanning the
last 7 years despite using a vaccine, designed for use in
dogs, against distemper, parvo and hepatitis. And I am talking
thousands of vaccinations here.
Love & Dooks