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From: Public Relations
Date: 2001-02-24 19:02:00 UTC
Subject: Reapocrin adenocarcinoma

Several ( 4 ) years ago Storm FerretWise had several apocrine cysts removed
from her anus. The sutures bothered her as much as the cysts did, but once
the sutures were removed following surgery she became energetic and playful
again! At the time she was a 4 year old MF female ferret. I do not
remember if the vet sent the tissues out for pathology - but he was fairly
comfortable in reporting that it as an apocrine cyst and he felt all would
be well.
She is still surviving at the grand age of 8 years in a hospice
home. Her cagemate passed away this month of old age insulinoma - falling
asleep and not waking up.

Storm however has had NO recurrences of her apocrine condition and now has
a slight chordoma developing at the tip of her tail, we feel is most likely
unrelated. Perhaps Dr Williams could enlighten us all on the apocrine

at Ferret Wise