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From: Hey Hey Hey
Date: 2001-03-13 11:32:00 UTC
Subject: Rinkydink update

Hey All,

Good news here!

Rinkydink has shown a great improvement in the last 24 hours. I took her
kibble away 48 hours ago and started on the baby food only. I also upped
her dose of pred to 2xdaily instead of once.

She is eating some without being force fed only hand fed. Altho it is not
enough and I am still forcing some. I am feeding every 4 hours whenever
possible. Sometimes we have to go as long as six (work schedule) but not
any longer than that. She has not vomitted since yesterday am. She played
and danced last nite for about 45 min and again this am for about an hour.

I am hopefull this is the begininnig of a turnaround. Due to this
turnaround I do not beleive Chicken to be the culprit but maybee any kind of
grain. First corn, so we switched to Euk, now maybee Rice as there is no
corn on their ingredient list.

Her poops still concern me. They are forming up and the urgency has
decreased however they are now tri-colored and very oily looking. They are
dark red brown, very dark green and clay colored. Is this normal for what
she is eating? They are not seedy or stinky tho.

Thank you everyone for your time, thoughts and concern expended on my little
one. I will continue to update. Hopefully it will help someone else whose
little one gets this nasty disease.